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did someone say carry-oaky?!

It's now been a whole year since The Happy Consultancy Group set up its roots in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and what a thrive (and thrill!) it's been so far!

By Alex Leng

Recently Team Happy in Malaysia were joined by Helen who flew in from the UK. After much hugging and jumping with joy, we got started on an exciting 2-days of F.I.T.ness Development Days... At The Happy Consultancy Group, Team Happy thrives when work, meets fun and where creativity knows no bounds (thanks Charina!). We believe in fostering a strong team spirit whilst embracing innovation and growth.

During our epic F.I.T.ness Development Days, we embarked on a journey of connection, collaboration, carry-oaky (read: Karaoke that’s carried by our crooner Ammar) and of course, mouth-watering culinary crusades! Here we are setting the stage for Transformation (or as we in Malaysia call it.. 'Transformasi!'). The vibrant energy of our team in Malaysia for a couple of action-packed days is evident.

Our F.I.T.ness Development Days are not your ordinary corporate gatherings. They are catalysts for change, where we reinforce the core values that make us who we are and ignite the sparks of our imaginations.

Led by our visionary founders, Helen and Andy, our F.I.T.ness Development Days kick off with a captivating recap of our company's 6 pillars in what we like to call "Our Transformation Story." It's a reminder of our shared purpose and the incredible journey of evolution that lies ahead. In the spirit of camaraderie, we dive into a unique getting-to-know-you activity. Each team member takes centre stage, sharing fun facts, work anecdotes, and personal principles. It's an opportunity to peel back the layers and discover the diverse talents that make our team shine.

Now, here's where things get heated - literally! One of the standout activities during our F.I.T.ness Development Days is the legendary team-cooking class at Kitchen Showdown! We split into two competitive groups, we unleashed our inner master chefs and embarked on a thrilling culinary adventure. Under the watchful eye of a professional chef, we battled against the clock to prepare a delectable five-course meal. The kitchen becomes a playground of laughter, banter, and delicious aromas, showcasing our ability to work as a team and conquer any challenge. Throughout the entire event, there's an infectious atmosphere of laughter and camaraderie. We believe that work should be serious when necessary but injected with humour and light-heartedness to keep spirits high. It's this balance that makes our teamwork not only effective but enjoyable too!

Our F.I.T.ness Development Days have paved the way for remarkable outcomes at Team Happy. We've built a culture of respect, honesty, and open communication, allowing us to tackle any obstacles that come our way with ease. Challenges are not burdensome roadblocks; instead, they become exhilarating problems that we collectively solve, reinforcing our reputation as a team that thrives under pressure.

This is more than just a routine gathering; they are an embodiment of our commitment to excellence, creativity, and unity. We're on an extraordinary journey of transformation, where work becomes play, and challenges become opportunities. Together, as Team Happy, we're rewriting the rules and crafting a future filled with success, laughter, and boundless achievements so stay tuned for more tales from our F.I.T.ness Development Days!

With Much Happiness,

Alex & Team Malaysia

If you'd like to know more about how to create happiness by building a thriving team in a hybrid/remote first world, get in touch at We'd love to hear from you!


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