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the journey continues… how we continue to inspire happy workplaces around the globe

It’s been a whole nine months since I penned my first blog for the Happy Learning Company and it’s only right I give you an update on all the adventures I’ve been having over the last few months.

If we rewind just ten months months ago, I was starting out my role here at the Happy Learning co., finding my feet and getting immersed in our happy world. We were embarking on an incredible journey with our lovely clients Pos Malaysia, the national courier and postal service for Malaysia. An epic organisation with an incredible history dating back over 200 years.

As part of our work with Pos Malaysia we are supporting the organisation on a journey of culture transformation, helping to reinvigorate the business so it’s thriving for the 21st century and support in helping the business meet their all-important strategic goals. All with a purpose of connecting businesses and Malaysians for a better tomorrow.

Our early work with the team involved identifying the key culture components of the organisation (the red threads of the business, and the bits that give the incredible colleagues and organisation purpose, values and ambition) and translating that into an immersive learning experience that aims to inspire and excite approx. 15,500 employees across the group.

We worked closely with our partners in Pos Malaysia, including the Senior leadership team of Pos Malaysia, the culture team and the wider business to co-create the foundation module, a first step, one-of-a-kind learning experience that takes colleagues on 1.5 days of inspiring learning. The foundation module shares the story of Pos Malaysia, its rich history, celebrating the pride and passion of its people and the bright future ahead. Whilst also teasing and unlocking the values that bring the business' bold new strategy to life. The foundation module transports colleagues into the wonderful world of Wira (which translates to hero in English), and colleagues must attend the session, soak up the experience, and pass their assessment to become Certified Wira of Pos Malaysia.

Once we had co-created the experience, we piloted to the team in several ways from walkthroughs, interactive review sessions to a full-on pilot attended by members of the group’s board, senior leaders, key stakeholders, and future facilitators of the module.

As with all our learning experiences and solutions, we create with a proven blueprint that we simply call: Happiness by design. Our solutions focus on the humanistic qualities, drivers and behaviours that emotionally connect and inspire people. We do this by leveraging the power of storytelling and by creating stories that emotionally connect to colleagues within the business.

The Certified Wira Foundation module, okays very closely to those emotional elements that we all connect to, and over the module colleagues take part in activities to build stronger bonds with each other, role-model behaviours and reinforce their learning. We use the power of film and music to bring the Wira world to life, exploring the story of the business interactively, and playing back real-world people and experiences through the film. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, but it’s so worth it. By the end of the session fellow Wira have the knowledge and values to move forward and BeBetter for the business, customers, and colleagues.

"Happiness is the joy we feel striving toward our potential"

- Shawn Achor -

In order to help Pos Malaysia rally the troops and embark on the journey of rolling out the module, they needed a team of facilitators, ready and raring to take colleagues across the business on the module.

We first supported the team in the selection process of facilitators before designing and delivering our F.I.T (focussed, intelligent, thriving) to Facilitate module, aimed at inspiring people to be their very best versions of themselves, through leveraging the inner power of their confidence, charisma and courage. The three C’s, and all essential ingredients for inspiring communicators and energised facilitators.

After taking the first cohort of 16 facilitators through the experience, the team were ready to begin the rollout to the rest of the business. As well as continue to attract more facilitators and take them through the experience to become F.I.T. facilitators.

We’re proud to say that the team have an incredible group of talented facilitators that will all play their part as one team to deliver the Certified Wira Foundation Module to the business. As of last week, the rollout continues with a strong team of more than 100 facilitators and more than 2000 colleagues having experienced the foundation module, achieving their certified Wira status. Awesome!!

You’ve probably noticed that team happy haven’t quite left Malaysia yet. In fact we’re here to stay (but more on that soon). We’re now entering another exciting phase of the Certified Wira World as we embark on the next chapter to continue to build the curriculum and keep colleagues engaged, aligned to the strategy, and ultimately living and breathing the values of the organisation.

Our next stage involves us developing a suite of exciting leadership programmes which we have already taken through a recent pilot; exploring cross functional learning opportunities to keep Wira alive in the business, as well other surround sound activities to bring the experiences, transformation journey and learning to life. We’ll share some more exciting updates soon on this, so watch this space…

That’s a wrap on the last few months of adventures, but long may the journey continue. I’m learning so much in my new role and I'm feeling particularly grateful to be surrounded by really talented people, each of them challenging me everyday to develop, grow and in the words of Pos Malaysia BeBetter. It’s a continual journey and I’m making great memories, lapping up new experience, and growing more and more each day through all these moments. It would be apt to say a big thank you to my colleagues, our fab client and my wider network for all your continual support, long may it continue as we inspire more happiness in the world.

Side note, if you’re interested in finding out how our solutions of happiness by design can help you, your colleagues and business then reach out to us to find out more. Our solutions are brilliantly bespoke to suit your needs, but we’ll always align to proven formulas of creating and inspiring happiness. After all it’s our customer promise:

"Let no one come to you without leaving better & happier"

- Mother Theresa

Reach out for a chat, coffee, or a virtual meet to find out about our wonderful world of happiness, our F.IT series of learning (from facilitation to storytelling and more!) or just to connect so we share the love across our incredible network of partners, colleagues, clients and friends!

Thanks for stopping by and much happiness,



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