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"We cannot teach people. We can only help them discover it for themselves.”
- Galileo -

About F.I.T. to facilitate

Facilitation excellence is so much more than skills you might use in a meeting or when doing a presentation. We believe that by understanding and mastering the key skills and behaviours of a F.I.T. facilitator, it will change your whole life. 


Because even though many of the skills might not be new, when they are underpinned by the science of happiness and learnt and practised with a deep understanding of our own strengths and qualities, they allow us to shine bright in a crowd, own the room with presence and impact and create amazing, positive experiences for others. 

We all have the ability to be brilliant facilitators. It's just for some of us, we haven't yet been given the opportunity to unlock our potential for all the world to see. Until now...

Are you ready to become a F.I.T. facilitator?

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F.I.T. to facilitate workshop

Our aim on this 2-day workshop is to develop your confidence, charisma and courage to be F.I.T. to facilitate, so that you shine in the role of a facilitator, making a difference to the people you work with, the business… and yourself! You will have the opportunity to practice letting your personal qualities shine through, so that you are able to facilitate with impact and influence.


Facilitation excellence is a great life skill, so by the end of the workshop, you can use what you have learned to enhance all areas of your work and personal life – it's a holistic approach to a better you!


F.I.T. to facilitate magazine

Everybody takes on the role of a facilitator in their life (even if we don't sometimes realise it!), but how many of us stop and think about how we do this, in a way that is authentic, and uniquely us (which is when we truly shine)? How many times do we think about the positive impact and influence we have on others, be it in a social or business environment?
Our F.I.T. to facilitate magazine has been specially designed to help you understand the world of facilitation excellence and explore how you can develop the right knowledge, skills and behaviours to help you light up the room when you walk into it.


F.I.T. to facilitate free taster event

Join us for a free F.I.T. to facilitate taster event and for a sneaky preview into the world of facilitation excellence and what it means to be F.I.T. to facilitate.
Our 60-minute, interactive F.I.T. to facilitate taster events have been thoughtfully designed to offer a sneaky preview into our world of F.I.T. to facilitate workshops. Offering valuable industry insight, whether you're a master of facilitation or approaching the topic with fresh eyes, our taster events are a great way to ease you into the world of facilitation excellence and a safe way to try before you buy, of course!

"Brilliant workshop, very tailored and personal to the team’s challenges."

Participant, F.I.T to facilitate workshop

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