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"The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come…”

- Steve Jobs -

For us, storytelling is one of those sizzling hot topics from the world of work that each and every one of us needs to succeed in work (and life generally!).

For thousands of years, we have relied on stories to help us make sense of the world around us - and today, storytelling continues to be one of the most powerful ways for us to find meaning, discover new ideas and build trust and social connection.


It's why the brilliant storytellers amongst us have immense power and an expert knack for influencing, inspiring and engaging their audiences. 

But this power isn't reserved exclusively for the storytelling greats. Oh no - we are all storytellers and no matter your role or industry, you too have an opportunity to unleash your full storytelling potential and leverage its power. 

why storytelling I hear you ask?

Are you ready to become a F.I.T. storyteller?

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F.I.T. to story tell workshop

Join us for an immersive experience into the world of storytelling in business, and discover powerful techniques to leverage the power of storytelling in your role. 

Our hands-on and dynamic F.I.T. to story tell workshop has been thoughtfully designed to help unlock your full storytelling potential and enable you to be a F.I.T. storyteller - focused, intelligent and thriving. As well as delving into the fundamentals of great storytelling and learning how to use these techniques to be truly F.I.T., you'll discover practical tools to help you craft, curate and tell your own impactful stories and achieve success.


F.I.T. to story tell magazine

We each have a story to tell and an opportunity to engage, inspire and influence those around us. But how many of us are seizing that opportunity?

Our F.I.T. to story tell magazine has been specially designed to help you navigate with ease the wonderful (and sometimes, seemingly complex) world of storytelling and harness its power. 

It's a magazine like no other, packed with learning, insights and opportunities to develop and grow your storytelling skills, but with the simplicity (and beauty) of a magazine..

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F.I.T. to to story tell taster event

If we've tickled your curiosity, why not join us for a free F.I.T. to story tell taster event and embark on a journey into the world of storytelling in business.

Our 60-minute, interactive F.I.T. to story tell taster events have been thoughtfully designed to offer a sneaky preview of our F.I.T. to story tell workshops, whilst offering valuable industry insight. So whether you're a storytelling maestro or fresh-faced to storytelling, our taster events are a great way to stretch your thinking...oh and try before you buy, of course!!

"Thank you very much! This was a thought-provoking session."

Participant, F.I.T. to story tell taster event

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