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"We cannot teach people anything, we can only help them discover it within themselves." - Galileo 


Mastering the art of facilitation is an essential skill for anyone wanting to communicate with impact - or as we like to say, confidence, courage and charisma.


Our new F.I.T. to Facilitate magazine is packed full of insights, inspiration and self-learning tools, as well as the A-Z of facilitation excellence, to help boost your facilitation skills.  


Just a few reasons to grab a copy quick: 


  • Learn from over 40 years of combined facilitation experience and discover our top tips for achieving facilitation excellence 
  • Over 116 pages of information, guidance, learning activities, top tips and inspiration to help you discover your own unique facilitation strengths and qualities (it's much more than a magazine really but a workbook doesn't do this product justice!!) 
  • Gain access to additional sources of learning - things to read, watch and do to boost your knowledge and skills further 
  • Keep your own notes and insights as you progress with your learning journey 
  • Measure your learning and confidence levels before and after completing the magazine 
  • Feel inspired and motivated to continue your learning to become a fantastic, highly successful and impactful communicator and facilitator 


So, no matter what your role or experience and whatever you need to facilitate, whatever your job, hobbies or passions - if you want to be able to have more impact and communicate with confidence, charisma and courage, this magazine is just for you! 


NB: All our magazines and training materials are FSC certified, which means we've purchased the paper from well-managed forests and other recycled sources. Find out more at


(Psssss. We also offer a 2-day F.I.T. to Facilitate workshop (virtual or face to face delivery) to if you would like to practice and boost your skills further or would like to upskill more of your own in-house facilitators. Get in touch to find out more! Magazines are included in the price of any workshops you attend or organise!) 


NB: Group discounts apply to all our products and workshops. Get in touch to find out more by emailing

F.I.T. to facilitate magazine


Postage and packing costs within the UK are £3.95 per magazine. 

Please contact us to discuss other options for larger orders or for delivery outside of the UK. Thanks! 

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