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F.I.T. to story tell magazine

"There is no greater power on this earth than story." - Libba Bray


We each have a story to tell and an opportunity to engage, inspire and influence those around us. But how many of us are seizing that opportunity?


Our F.I.T. to story tell magazine has been specially designed to help you navigate with ease the wonderful (and sometimes, seemingly complex) world of storytelling and harness its power. 


It's a magazine like no other, packed with learning, insights and opportunities to develop and grow your storytelling skills, but with the simplicity (and beauty) of a magazine.


So, like with any great story, think of this magazine as your trusty mentor, your Obi-Wan to Luke, your Dumbledore to Harry, as you undertake an epic journey of discovery - and like any hero, be prepared for your own transformation as you unleash your full storytelling potential!


Just a few reasons to grab yourself a copy:


•    Learn from our extensive experience helping brands and clients across the world leverage the power and influence of storytelling 

•    Over 114 pages packed full of industry insight, guidance, activities to enhance your learning and get you practising and reflecting, and top tips  

•    Guest features and interviews with experts in the fields of fiction, poetry, data storytelling and visual storytelling

•    Real-life stories and case studies to demonstrate the power of storytelling in action

•    Additional resources so you can push your learning, knowledge and skills even further - through things to read, watch and do 

•    Space to capture your own notes and insights as you progress through the magazine 

•    Measure your learning and confidence levels before and after completing the magazine 

•    Feel inspired and motivated to continue your learning to become a brilliant storyteller


So, no matter your role, industry, or experience using storytelling, this magazine is a must for unleashing your full storytelling potential and achieving the outcomes you want! 


NB: All our magazines and training materials are FSC certified, which means we've purchased paper from well-managed forests and other recycled sources. Find out more at


Psssssst! We also offer a F.I.T. to story tell workshop (virtual or face-to-face delivery), to help take your storytelling skills to another level. Get in touch to find out more! (Magazines are included in the price of any workshops you attend or organise.)


NB: Group discounts apply to all our products and workshops. Get in touch to find out more by emailing or sending us a note via the contact form. 

F.I.T. to story tell magazine


Postage and packing costs within the UK are £3.95 per magazine. 

Please contact us to discuss other options for larger orders or for delivery outside of the UK. Thanks! 

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