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"The leader is the person who brings a little magic to the moment."- Denise Morrison (President & CEO, Campbell Soup)


Discover ways to unlock the power of leading with happiness for yourself, your employees, customers and the wider communities you serve, by completing a 30-day challenge focused on simple but effective ways to leading with happiness.


This deck of cards is a brilliant resource for those who want to experience the power of leading with happiness at work. The challenge cards are designed to provide you with simple ways to make leading with happiness part of your everyday leadership behaviour. 


Why take the challenge? 


  • Kick start your development journey by reflecting on and challenging your own personal views and beliefs about happiness at work! 
  • 30 simple daily tasks to comeplete to test out a wide range of techniques for leading with happiness (all fuelled by the science and psychology of happiness)
  • 30 quotes, ideas or links to useful sources of learning
  • Pause for reflection at the end of each 10 days and see if you can notice any positive change in your leadership behaviour
  • Measure the impact of the challenge by measuring your confidence before and after!
  • Celebrate completing the challenge by awarding yourself the 'certificate card' at the end! 


Are you ready to take on the challenge? 


Don't look for happiness, create it. 


NB: Please email us at if you would like to order multiple sets of cards as we would be happy to offer a discount for larger quantities! (We can also confirm postage costs for larger orders)


Did you know? All our materials are FSC certified, which means we've purchased the paper from well-managed forests and other recycled sources. Find out more at



Leading with Happiness 30-day Challenge Cards


A pack of 38 soft touch cards encased in a card box. FSC certified. 


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